Unfortunate events.

Mac and I are at a bit of a standstill in our relationship. A couple months ago, I discovered she has feelings for one of our friends who we met on a forum we both regular. Since that time, I’ve seen her grow distant and distracted. We had a talk about it today, and I’m unsure where we stand. I thought I had found my lifelong partner, and I truly hope I’m not wrong.

Historically speaking, I’m a bit of an emotional train wreck. I tend to bottle up my pain and frustration and put on a facade of happiness until I hit a breaking point. It’s a difficult situation to be in, and it presses hard on both of us. I hope it’s not my emotional instability that’s driving her away.

Macintyre, I doubt you’ll ever read this, but if you do… Know I love you, and know I want what’s best for us. For you. If I can do anything to rekindle the love we had, please tell me. Losing you is the one thing I can’t stand the thought of.


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