Closure, but not quitting.

Despite everything I’ve been going through these past few weeks, I’m trying to keep a positive outlook on how life is treating me. Even though I’ve had my heart ripped from me (figuratively, of course), I feel like there’s a lot for me to look forward to. I’m trying to live by the words my dear mother used to preach to me in my darkest hours. “This, too, shall pass, then life will move on.” I’ve never come by wiser words.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still torn to shreds over what Mac is putting me through, but I’ve grieved over it long enough. It’s time I climb out of my emotional trench and press on. If things go south and I end up on my own, I need to be able to stand up and enjoy life for what it is. I have friends who care, family to spend time with, and, hopefully, many years ahead of me yet.

Now the tricky part… Fixing this thing with Macintyre before we end up calling it quits.


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