Songs that save me.

Since I was a young teen, I’ve been a rather troubled person. I’ve gone through long bouts of depression, I’ve had loved ones die in front of me, and I’ve been, as mentioned before, an emotional time bomb. There’s always been one thing that can pull me out of my darkest mindsets, though, and that thing is the sanctity of musical score.

Back in 2006, I was driven to the brink of suicide by a man I used to call my father. He was abusive, to put it lightly. In the time that I lived with him, I was beaten, starved, and otherwise not in a very good place for an adolescent. When I was just about to snap, I discovered a song that made me break down and cry, and I started rethinking my life. As corny as it sounds, that song saved my life. The song is Perfectly Flawed, by Otep.

In my current situation, I’ve been driven back into a depression I thought I’d never see again. But yet again I found music that keeps me sane. Content, even. It’s a band that I discovered a few years ago when I first moved across the country to be with Macintyre. Aranda is a musical group from Oklahoma City. It’s a couple of brothers who have a very good collection of songs for any occasion. The two songs in particular that help keep me out of an emotional pit are Whyyawannabringmedown and Still In The Dark. If you search those on YouTube, you’ll probably find Kelly Clarkson’s cover of the songs. I’m not a big fan of those.

As soon as I get access to a computer, I’ll edit this post and put the videos for those songs up. In the mean time, I hope you check out the music and perhaps gain an understanding of how it helps to quell my pain.


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