Elegy of a broken soul. (A poem)

Waves of pain and doubt wash over me
Like and endless sea of misery.
Distressed, I lay awake
Watching, waiting.
To who will my heart fly
Now that it’s been crushed and thrown to the wind?
To what ends must I go
In my search for peace and joy?
How long, my love, have you felt so?
How fickle is thy heart
That so quickly it grows for yet another?
The years spent with no purpose
Save to bring you joy,
Cast away like rubbish
And drowned in emotions unspeakable.
Have you not eyes
To see the darkness grow in mine?
Have you not ears
To hear my cries for mercy?
Yet you ignore my plea
And yearn for a man who you know not.
Perhaps I am a fool
To think our love was strong.
You, the one I loved,
The one I trusted,
Have broken a bond of faith we once held dear.
Now I walk alone, but an empty husk,
Bound toward fright and confusion.
Yet despite it all,
My love for you burns bright.


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