Memories (A poem)

Years passed, your beauty glowing ever radiant.
Plentiful love flowed betwixt our hearts.
The warmth of your skin,
The touch of your lips,
The anticipation of seeing you at days end;
Moments to live for,
To dream of,
To cherish.
Walks through the parks, lovers hand in hand,
The bountiful light of joyful souls
Playing serenely off the face of life.
The glimmer in your eyes so sweet
I could scarce but taste your happiness.
The days we sat around,
Laying for hours, arm in arm,
Enjoying the presence of one another;
Feelings to die for,
To pine after,
And to hope
That someday, maybe,
We can live those moments once more.
For now, I can no longer call you my own,
And it saddens my heart that those memories
Are no more.


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