On the road again.

The holiday celebrations are over, and the long travels begin. Amanda and I spent a couple weeks at the house MacIntyre and I bought once upon a time. Mac is doing well, and she got along with Amanda much better than I had expected them to. I got the chance to visit my parents, which was nice. Mother thinks Amanda might be the one I’ve been looking for these past few years.

Our next destination us Ohio. Amanda’s grandfather passed away on the second of this month, and we’re on our way to the wake, and attending the funeral tomorrow morning. It’s definitely been a hectic, stressful holiday season. Once we’ve attended the funeral, we’ll be heading back to our home in North Carolina. The drive will be long, but well worth it.

Overall, it’s been a wonderful visit with old friends, family, and the woman I love. Hopefully we can do this again some time in the near future. I enjoyed myself, and Amanda seems to like everyone as much as they like her.


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