Wrong number.

For the past couple days, I’ve been receiving texts from people near the city I lived in up in Michigan. Not sure why everyone thinks texting me is going to get to the right person all of a sudden, but they do. And it’s not prank texts, either. They all serve a purpose.

The most recent text I received was a woman saying her child is really sick (sounded like a cold) and that they’d be staying home from work for the day. As someone who was raised on home remedies, and taught that I should always help where I can, I opted to give them some advice to give their child a warm salt bath with some eucalyptus oil. Figured that would help.

A little while later, the person actually asked me if I had any more advice to give them, so I did. Evidently, the bath helped a lot. Also, and this is just an observation, the mystery mother is quite trusting of a stranger’s opinion on how to cure their child’s ailment.  Naturally, I gave the best advice I could think of (honey to soothe the throat, and the recipe for my mother’s “sick soup”).

Anyway, the point is… I really didn’t have a point. I just found it interesting that a stranger would be so willing to take the advice of someone they’ve never met before. Honestly, I’m kind of glad it happened. I’ve performed an act of kindness for someone I’m complete strangers with, and that makes me feel good.


2 thoughts on “Wrong number.

    • Glad you found your way over to my blog! Thanks for the comment. I like what you’re doing with your blog, by the way. Commented under your “What do YOU Blog About?” post.


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