The coolest little girls.

I was having a discussion with my girlfriend over Google Hangouts, and we were discussing how cool our kids will be. I mentioned I want them to be fans of DC and Marvel, but still be well-rounded, a bit like myself. She said to not leave out our daughter(s), should we have any in the future. Here’s what I told her.

The coolest little girls use G.I. Joe action figures in their dollhouses. Ken beats the shit out of Hulk, because he abducted Polly Pocket and Betty Spaghetti. Black Widow will hide in the closet waiting to strike if Joker thwarts Batman’s attempts to rescue. After all is said and done, Joker and Black Widow decide to get married. They invite Tony Stark to be the best man.

Meanwhile, Ken is in the kitchen planting nerve gas emitters under the service cart. He knocked out the waiter (Nick Fury), and left him in the walk in fridge. Exit stage left.

Basically, I want to have awesome kids. Probably girls, mostly because I want this to happen.