I’ve found something deep within
A hole, the shape of a heart
It burns with desire
Its depths are fathomless
I feel it
It pulls at my soul
It rips at my body
It must be filled
But who, if any, can carry that burden?
I know of but one
A pure, loving, angel of a person
Do you feel what I feel?
Do my cries reach you?
You speak, and I listen
You move, and I follow
Your every breath is a relief
Every fibre of my being yearns for you
Every hair stands on end when you’re near
Every passing moment with you is an eternity
You don’t know me
You don’t love me
You can’t possibly
But I dream, and I hope, and I wish
That one day
The hole that I could never bear to reveal to you
Will be filled with the love I so long for
And one day
You will see me for who I truly am


2 thoughts on “Empty

    • A fair bit, yeah. Having some issues coping with a few things, and not really sure how I intend to handle them. I’ve written more, just haven’t posted here. Message me on Facebook again, I’ll share my story and writing with you if you’re at all interested.


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