National Poetry Writing Month

I somehow managed to forget it’s NaPoWriMo. I wanted to participate, but seems my life has been a little too hectic to keep up on something like that right now. Guess I’ll jump in a little late. I’ll try and post something by midnight every night for the remainder of the month. I’ll just be running behind by a couple days – will probably spill it into the beginning of next month.



I’ve found something deep within
A hole, the shape of a heart
It burns with desire
Its depths are fathomless
I feel it
It pulls at my soul
It rips at my body
It must be filled
But who, if any, can carry that burden?
I know of but one
A pure, loving, angel of a person
Do you feel what I feel?
Do my cries reach you?
You speak, and I listen
You move, and I follow
Your every breath is a relief
Every fibre of my being yearns for you
Every hair stands on end when you’re near
Every passing moment with you is an eternity
You don’t know me
You don’t love me
You can’t possibly
But I dream, and I hope, and I wish
That one day
The hole that I could never bear to reveal to you
Will be filled with the love I so long for
And one day
You will see me for who I truly am

Nostalgia (A poem)

Fleeting memories of days long past
Smoldering in the back of my mind
Youth, love, betrayal
Bitter words uttered from mine own lips
Emotions in turmoil
A friendship broken by no fault but my own
The passing years fade grief to grey
The hardships passing swift
A life riddled with veiled regret
But lo
Contact, reconciliation
Imparting tales of recent days
A friendship born anew
Memories shared alight my path
Forgiveness passes my way
Joy and hope for what once was
Rekindling a fire I once knew
In memories of days long past

Note: You know when you do things and have to regret them for the rest of your life? I’m fortunate enough to have dodged that bullet. To my old friend: Thank you for finding me again.

Untitled (A fairly crappy poem)

Days pass within mere seconds,
And years within those days.
My head grows light,
I walk on air,
My mind is in a haze.
The smile upon those tender lips
That ache to brush my own
Sing ballads in a moment;
No sound, no motion shown.
The beauty in those longing eyes
Delves deep into my soul.
They take the broken pieces,
And attempt to make me whole.
Perhaps I’ve found some solace
In the love that’s been displayed
By one who’s felt the bitter pain
Of being so betrayed.

Note: I apologize for the Seuss-like rhyme scheme. I’m mildly intoxicated, and incapable of freehand at the moment.

Memories (A poem)

Years passed, your beauty glowing ever radiant.
Plentiful love flowed betwixt our hearts.
The warmth of your skin,
The touch of your lips,
The anticipation of seeing you at days end;
Moments to live for,
To dream of,
To cherish.
Walks through the parks, lovers hand in hand,
The bountiful light of joyful souls
Playing serenely off the face of life.
The glimmer in your eyes so sweet
I could scarce but taste your happiness.
The days we sat around,
Laying for hours, arm in arm,
Enjoying the presence of one another;
Feelings to die for,
To pine after,
And to hope
That someday, maybe,
We can live those moments once more.
For now, I can no longer call you my own,
And it saddens my heart that those memories
Are no more.

Elegy of a broken soul. (A poem)

Waves of pain and doubt wash over me
Like and endless sea of misery.
Distressed, I lay awake
Watching, waiting.
To who will my heart fly
Now that it’s been crushed and thrown to the wind?
To what ends must I go
In my search for peace and joy?
How long, my love, have you felt so?
How fickle is thy heart
That so quickly it grows for yet another?
The years spent with no purpose
Save to bring you joy,
Cast away like rubbish
And drowned in emotions unspeakable.
Have you not eyes
To see the darkness grow in mine?
Have you not ears
To hear my cries for mercy?
Yet you ignore my plea
And yearn for a man who you know not.
Perhaps I am a fool
To think our love was strong.
You, the one I loved,
The one I trusted,
Have broken a bond of faith we once held dear.
Now I walk alone, but an empty husk,
Bound toward fright and confusion.
Yet despite it all,
My love for you burns bright.